Designed by Juliane Camposano, ROSEL reflects an ecologically conscious, ethically aware way of living well with style. The fair trade urban designs are inspired by the purity of American sportswear from the 60’s and 70’s with an effortless take on subtle glamour. From Juliane’s choice of fabrics and yarns to her selection of cooperatives that support the women whose labor they use, she is adamant about ethical sourcing and manufacturing. 

“My desire is to positively impact the environment and the people that make the collection, as well as those who wear it,” Juliane says. “One needn’t have to choose between doing good and looking great.”

The collection works primarily with sustainable materials: 100% organic wool and Alpaca, organic denim and cotton, recycled silk, handcrafted and sustainably sourced leather, Tencel, Bamboo, recycled PET and recycled Polyamide. ROSEL items manufactured in Middle America, South America and the US are all fair trade. They also help support local community programs abroad - including working with female groups, whose outstanding craftsmanship gives them the opportunity to send their kids to school. 


Founder, Juliane Camposano 

Juliane was born and raised on North Sea shore of Germany where the weather is predominantly cold and wet. The locally available knitwear was made of lambswool or synthetics which were uncomfortable on her sensitive skin. As a result, Juliane began making clothing that suited her needs, sewing and knitting her own designs.

Growing up in a small town during the first European wave of eco-awareness in the 70’s, Juliane was steeped in a sustainable lifestyle - using environmentally friendly cleaning products; recycling and composting; eating homegrown, homemade locally and organically, from a young age. It was only natural that when she created her collection, ROSEL would be consciously-minded.

Juliane was also influenced by her Great-Aunt Rosel’s charismatic personality and style. In the 1930’s Rosel was a designer and illustrator for a Berlin fashion house; her memory sparked Juliane’s creative exploration and lead her to name the brand after her. 

Today, Juliane combines her intense love of nature and adventure sports (be it longboarding off Montauk or ski-mountaineering on snow-covered mountain peaks in Montana and Wyoming) with her commitment as a mother of two young boys. She instills the ecologically conscious mentality that she was brought up with into raising her sons and cultivating her business.